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Terms and Condition

We are furnishing here below our general terms and conditions for our Distributorship of Propaganda products.
We will fix the territory of your area for which you will be appointed Distributor under our terms and
  • We are enclosing herewith an information form to fill up by you and to be returned to us duly signed by you under your rubber stamp, if you agree to become our.
  • Your appointment will be made by mutual agreement and willingness and unless entered into an agreement for a specific period, can be terminated by either side by one month’s notice to the other.
  • Our Company offers monopolized area to the dealers who have capacity and capability to sell its product as marketing franchisee associated.
  • We will not appoint another Distributor in the same area for same category of products, while you should maintain your Sales.
We will provide you Visual Aid, Literatures, Products card and other promotional
  • Physician Samples will be regularly available with us and its prices are as per actual.
  • MR bags will be supplied by us on chargeable basis. The cost will be Rs.900/- for bag. MR bags will not be supplied by us on free of
  • We will not supply any free goods or bonus goods free of
  • You will be required to reach a purchase of Rs.30,000/- per District per month (Minimum 50 products to be promoted) at our billed amounts and thereafter to achieve a rise at 30% in sales every year. The bills will be Prepared for our items as per price list as in force, (PCD PRICE) inclusive of excise duty. In case of failing not continuing purchase continuously for two months this agreement will get cancelled
  • All product lists are available on our web
  • All Products will be supplied on NET RATE basis only (excluding GST & Freight).
  • The management will have a right to effect change in prices either way, due to circumstances beyond control or any legal or statutory
  • We will supply our goods 100% through bank We will not supply any goods directly to any party.
  • We will not supply the goods directly to any Distributor without surety of
  • No other payment terms are accepted by us except
  • In case of emergency, we will supply the goods directly only up to the value of your deposit amount lying with the Company or as decided by management.
  • Company can appoint additional dealer or take any other decision, if certain amount of purchase and timely payment is not made.
  • Dealers are given monopoly in operation, if payments and purchases are regularly as per norms.
  • Goods will be supplied through a reputed Transport or Courier that has their own branch in Delhi and in your town
  • If direct transport facility is not available for your town then we will supply our goods to your nearest town and it will be Distributor’s responsibility to collect the goods from the transport at his own cost. We will not reimburse the expenses incurred by Distributor to take the goods from nearest town to his own
  • Freight is paid by the Distributor on all
  • Goods shall be dispatched through requested post parcel, speed post, courier, air cargo, and transport at the cost of The dispatch will be made by the party’s choice.
  • Breakage claim will be considered only if we receive Breakage goods like cap, broken bottles or labels within 30 days from the date of Lorry
  • We also require breakage intimation from you within 15 days from the date of Lorry Receipt. Without Breakage Intimation we will not entertain your Breakage Claim which may please be noted.
  • In Breakage the claim must be filled by you with us within 30 days from the date of dispatch of goods (i.e. the date of the LR), giving particulars of name of products involved, batch number, expiry date, quantity, invoice number and date and return the damaged products in their original packing at your cost. Out dated claims will not be
  • We will not accept any goods once sold, except under special circumstances if management approves. Goods to be returned should have more than 6 months of shelf life.
  • No Short Expiry goods supplied after party’s confirmation will be taken back, under any case.
  • We will not accept any return goods of expiry, non-moving items supplied by us under Propaganda Distributor Terms and Conditions.
  • You must place your order at email at
  • Kindly place your order in written format via mail to avoid any sort of miscommunication.
  • Always mention your requirement for promotional material in the order. Do not depend upon company executives to send you promotional material It is better if you mention quantity wise requirement of samples, catch covers, leave behind cards, gift items or any other promotional.
  • Kindly keep tracks of the circulars (about new products) being issued by the company from time to time and try to include new products in your upcoming
  • Products with SHORT EXPIRY will only be supplied after taking party’s confirmation on non-returnable basis.
  • Do not deal in cash with any of our marketing Company will not be responsible and will not entertain any such dealings.
  • We always welcome your suggestions for:
  • Introducing new
  • Improving presentation of
  • Changing MRP as per latest market
  • We will not supply the orders worth less than 5000/-.
  • For any kind of Dispute, Jurisdiction will be Delhi Court
Any dealings/NOC matters with Local/ State/ National Chemists Association, if required shall be managed by you at your own cost.