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Neuro Psychiatric Range

We have a strong expertise in Neuro Medicines, which are used for treating anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. We have a solid understanding of neuromedicine including antidepressants, antipsychotics, anxiolytics, hypnotics, mood stabilisers and stimulants.Our main focus lies in the development of products with long shelf life, accurate composition and optimal dosage form. We provide products at competitive prices as well as assured quality standards.

Propranolol 40mg Sustained Release Tablets

Citicoline 500 mg Tablets

Citicoline 500 mg & Piracetam 800 mg Tablets

Citicoline Inj 2ml dispopack Injection

Fluoxetine HCl 20 mg Tablets

Paroxetine Contr.ReleaseTab 12.5 mg Tablets

Paroxetine Contr.ReleaseTab 25 mg Tablets

Pregabalin 75 mg & Mecobalamin 750 mcg Capsules

Pregabalin 75 mg SR & Mecobalamin 1500 mcg Tablets

Betahistine 8 mg Tablets

Betahistine 16 mg Tablets

Cinnarizine 25 mg Tablets

Cinnarizine 75 mg Tablets

Cinnarizine 20 mg & Dimenhydrinate 40 mg Tablets

Divalproex Sodium Extended Release 250 mg Tablets

Divalproex Sodium Extended Release 500 mg Tablets

Fexofenadine 120 mg & Montelukast 10 mg Tablets

Piracetam 800 mg Tablets

Sodium Valproate and Valproic Acid controlled release 500 mg Tablets

Levetiracetam 500 mg Tablets

Sertraline 25 mg Tablets

Sertraline 50 mg Tablets

Amitriptyline 10 mg Tablets

Amitriptyline 25 mg Tablets

Flunarazine 10mg Tablets

Sustained Release Propranolol 40 mg & Flunarizine 10 mg Tablets

Prochlorperazine Maleate 5 mg Tablets

Duloxetine 20 mg Delayaed release Tablets

Duloxetine 30 mg Delayaed release Tablets

Beta Histine 16 mg, Vinpocetine 5 mg & Piracetam 400 mg Tablets

Pramipexole 0.5 mg Tablets

Duloxetine 30 mg Delayaed release Tablets

Duloxetine 60 mg Delayaed release Tablets

Memantine Hydrochloride 10 mg Tablets