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A PCD Pharma company is a company that provides an opportunity to other companies or individuals to sell its products under their own name. In other words, it is a franchising business. A PCD Pharma company typically provides the franchisee with marketing support, branding, and product training.
No, they are not different from each other.
DTDC/Track ON/Shree Maruti Courier/ST Courier/SHL Cargo/Delhivery/VRL Logistics Limited
GR is the acronym for Goods Receipt, LR stands for Lorry Receipt, and BILTY is the short form of Bill of Lading. When transporting a package, the person delivering it should also have a copy of the receipt.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a UN body which sets international standards for food and pharmaceutical products. The GMP certification is granted to products which meet these standards. WHO and GMP certified products are thus guaranteed to be of high quality and safe for human consumption.
Third party manufacturing is when a company outsources the manufacturing of its products to another company. The company that manufactures the products is known as the contract manufacturer. The products that are manufactured by the contract manufacturer are then sold to the original company, which sells them to the customer.
We have around 450 + product range at Chemo Biological and we cater into multiple divisions i.e. Gynaecology Range Respiratory Range Steroids Range PPI and Gastro Range Heptalogy Range Cardiac and Diabetic Range Dermatology and Cosmetic Range Nutraceutical Range Anti- Obesity Range Injectable Range AntiViral Drugs Range Orthopaedic and Pain Management Range Urology and Nephrology Range Anti-Cold and Anti-Histamine Range Antibiotic Range Ophthalmology Range
Visual Aids/ MR Bags/ Brochures/ Notepads/ Gift for Doctors/ Promotional Literature/
The amount of money that you need to invest in a pharma franchise business varies depending on the company that you are interested in. Some companies allow people to start with a very minimal investment, while others require a bit more money. It is important to research the different companies and their requirements before making a decision.
The monopoly right is the power to be the only supplier of a particular commodity in a particular area. In a monopoly, a single person or entity controls the market. The same company has exclusive rights to distribute the medication at that particular said in the agreement. If you want to have the monopoly right then it's best to look for a vacancy in the area you want to work in.
No, there is not any specific target on sales, but the invoice value should not be less than the Rs 15,000 otherwise monopoly rights will be revoked.